This, of course, should be a continuous process and closely linked to the concept of lifelong learning.

I define this conscious designing of one’s own path also by using the concept of management. With my formulation Guide Yourself I want to provide you with support in your efforts to become aware of your own personal responsibility and to realize the planning of your own career and your own life with determination. You thus create the basis for personal contentment and increase your productivity – a capability that is also of significant relevance to your company.

The starting point for our work is always a joint assessment of the current situation. The main focus is always on the question “Where do I stand in my personal life cycle?”

Career start
Starting a family
Resume a career
The best years
Beautiful life

  • Potential crises, e.g. unemployment, divorce,
    disability, illness etc.

Are you employed as a manager and looking for a coach who has extensive leadership experience and knowledge of company structures? I will be pleased to show you how my approach to coaching can help you in designing your role, in each case, in a professional and successful manner. Finding one’s own path is always in the foreground during this process which, upon request, can be expanded to include trends such as agile management.

The following topics will be of relevance to you:

  • Onboarding – the first 100 days in the new company
  • Finding your own positioning
  • Learning to appreciate & manage role expectations
  • Leading & acting with authenticity
  • Strategically designing customer orientation & achieving goals
  • Guiding teams with success & living a culture of innovation
  • On-the-job performance coaching

You are in the midst of your professional life and have developed your own ideas about the meaning of career. Your working environment is rather complex and fast-paced. You are familiar with role diversity and the pressure to perform. Your strengths and weaknesses are evaluated on a regular basis.

Within this context, you are looking for progressive orientation and support as you develop your own individual career strategy. The question “What makes me ‘me’?” has become a central issue for you.

The following questions are of total or partial relevance to you:

  • What exactly does my deep inner self consist of?
  • I do not make full use of my strengths. How can I address this to achieve increased efficiency?
  • What kind of further education might help me to make better use of my potential?
  • How do I achieve my objectives? How do I overcome obstacles?
  • How do I find the right way to deal with the expected performance and permanent evaluation?
  • I would like to consciously correlate my self-perception and the way others perceive me.
  • How can I find meaningfulness and fulfillment as merely a “small component in the overall operations”?

You are currently spending some time on an assignment abroad or are taking a parental leave and are devoting all your time to the care of your children. In previous years, you had put a great deal of energy into a good education and had actively pursued your professional development. Perhaps you even interrupted a successful career for a specific period. Despite the “time out,” you would like to keep a focus on your professional and personal plans. Critical reflections on the past, new realizations and aspirations are typical for time taken out. The continuation of your career plays a central part. You want to keep things firmly under control and are therefore looking for guidance as you develop your own individual time-out strategy.

One of the following questions concerns you intensely:

  • What lies within me? What strengths do I have and which ones do I want to live?
  • How do I find integrated fulfillment?
  • I would like to remain an attractive option for the labor market. Should I continue my education?
  • Was I satisfied with my old job? Or would I prefer to explore new avenues in future?
  • How can I increase my self-assurance?
  • How can I provide a healthy balance within my diversity of roles?
  • My partner has a professional opportunity abroad – how can this be integrated into my plans?
  • How can I bring my expectations in line with a realistic schedule?

For myself, I am fully aware of what a delicate balancing act this phase requires. I therefore offer you custom-made guidance during which your children will always be welcome. We will find times that are convenient for you, for example, while you are taking that daily walk or I will even be pleased to come to your home in order to allow the children meanwhile to continue playing in the comfort of their usual surroundings.

If you would you like to have more dialogue with other parents then you are welcome to attend group coaching at the elterngarten base camps.

Whatever your status is currently, use coaching as your opportunity and successfully make your wishes and ideas a reality.