Use your parental leave as a basis for a contented life with family and career.

Traditional parental leave activities such as Pekip, baby groups etc. all revolve around the child – for many parents who were previously in work this is too little.

This is exactly the starting point for the Munich start-up elterngarten with its ‘Parental Leave Base Camp’, a unique seminar concept for personality development that is in place across the country and directed specifically at mothers and fathers on parental leave: professional coaches accompany the parents in their personal and professional development. They are welcome to bring their baby along.

And the framework conditions of the ‘Parental Leave Base Camps’ are targeted towards the needs of young families: no more than six participants meet for a group coaching session. Personal development can easily be integrated into everyday family life with a professional coach and five blocks à 90 minutes.

Employers are increasingly supporting participation as a measure to prevent the conflict and stress that is commonly associated with the lives of working parents. elterngarten is recommended by the ‘Forum for Healthy Working’ among others. By carrying out these base camps elterngarten can contribute to the employers positioning themselves as a family-friendly company and form a strong, innovative tandem with key performers during parental leave – thus becoming an inspiring example of the New Work movement.

I look forward to advising you in Hamburg.

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