When considering the coaching procedure and what it involves, I think of the provision of goal- and solution-oriented assistance and support for people. The main topics that come to mind are their professional development and the clarification of situations in life and at work, i.e., strengthening the personality at the center.
Coaching helps you …

  • define and achieve professional and personal goals
  • find solutions to your own problems and foster self-reflection
  • become empowered to take on new perspectives and behave in new ways
  • unleash new potential and mobilize resources

Coaching is not simply a knowledge transfer or the development or training of specific abilities. It is guidance and companionship which allows individual talents and opportunities to be highlighted and promoted.

By coaching you I will support you on the road to personal success!

The starting point is a preliminary discussion at no charge:

  • an opportunity to get to know one another
  • usually takes place on the telephone or via video telephony
  • duration: approximately 20 – 30 minutes
  • description of the subject matter/problem and what you hope to achieve
  • my assessment of whether I am the right person for the subject matter you portrayed
  • discussion of the terms and conditions and further questions regarding the form

If you decide to book a coaching, we will arrange a first appointment. You will find my office in Elbchaussee 16, in the lively city of Ottensen, Hamburg, awaiting you with modern and friendly rooms.
However, employee coaching for companies can also take place right on the company’s premises. Should you reside in another city or abroad, I can offer coaching sessions via telephone or video telephony.
A session lasts 90 minutes.
In case of more complex topics or fairly long travel distances, double sessions (including a break) are also possible.

You can decide each time whether and when you would like another appointment and how far apart the appointments should be spaced. The results of a coaching session generally have quite a lasting effect. You can therefore feel comfortable letting some time pass by. It will allow you to let the results sink in, to process them and possibly already implement parts of them.

Coaching can be very effective and you may already achieve noticeable results after only one or very few appointments. There is a great deal of variation as to how many appointments are necessary. A general observation is:

  • in the case of “minor” issues and concrete objectives: 1 to 3 sessions
  • for more “major” issues and more long-range/complex objectives: 5 to 10 sessions

This, however, is merely a rough guide. During the preliminary discussion, I will give you a first estimate as to how many sessions might be useful. The important part is: You remain flexible and decide from one appointment to another as to how to proceed.

Billing is done according to fixed hourly rates. If you wish to have more long-term support, I will gladly offer you a tailormade package price. It will be best for you to inquire about the details in a personal conversation.

That will depend on the circumstances in each case, but is often possible. To be on the safe side, I recommend that you inquire with your tax advisor.

Coaching can

  • be used as a preventative measure
  • help during the re-orientation phase after a burnout

Coaching cannot …

  • be used to treat acute depression
  • replace medical attention

We can determine in the preliminary discussion whether coaching is advisable for you currently or is to be preferred at a later date.