This approach has become an important companion for me. Born and raised in the Ruhr region, complete with a large portion of the typical local sense of humor, my career began by studying business administration in Mannheim.

This was followed by employment in the fast-moving work of consumer goods. Coca-Cola was my first employer and sent me in the right direction to build up my career over twelve years, mainly in marketing management positions.

I worked intensively for many years on change processes in Berlin, Bavaria and Baden- Württemberg as a result of centralization, standardization, outsourcing, crisis management or cultural changes. This wide range of experiences is still an important influence on my coaching style.

My personal turning point came during my parental leave. I used this time intensively for self-development and professional re-orientation:

We chose Hamburg as our new home and I decided to make my passion for personnel and organizational development and communication into a career. I therefore completed training programs as ‘Systemic Coach’ (die coachingakademie) and ‘Professional Career Expert’ (Svenja Hofert). At the same time I collected a lot of experience within the framework of new placement consultancy. Most recently I have completed my certification as ‘Employer Brand Manager’ (DEBA).

Today I am the mother of two children and work as a coach and consultant in order to leverage potential in companies and for private persons and to provide creative accompaniment as the changes take place. From the point of view of content I specialize mainly in Self Management, Career Coaching and Parent Coaching. I consult on the topic of Employer Branding.

Please take a look on XING and LinkedIn for more details on my professional development.